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A touch of Miami in Brighton


A Touch of Miami in Brighton

By Sarah Miles

If you get a chance to go to a workshop with Tim Feldmann, don’t miss out!


I had heard lots of good things over the years about Tim but hadn’t been lucky enough to meet him before this weekend.

Tim yields a skill for teaching like very few people I’ve come across before.

His first (Friday night) session was focused around breaking down the foundations of the practice (breath and bandha) in minuscule detail through discussion; then gently applied in a practical sense.

Rounded up by a laidback, friendly Q & A session — making sure everyone left relaxed, with a clear understanding of the approach we should be taking to our practice and the weekend ahead.

He continued to cleverly weave this foundational knowledge throughout the entire workshop. Always reflecting back on it.

The workshop continued to unfold in a way that was inclusive to all. He spoke with a skill and knowledge immersed in a humour that made him accessible and approachable.

Each session Tim began with the first steps, breaking it down into chunks, that continued moving forward, culminating in the highest skilled level. Inclusive of the most novice of practitioners, as well as keeping the most advanced focused and connected.

His expertise to teach to all abilities in a practical sense within the room was wrapped up in a warm sense of humour that kept everyone lighthearted and entertained throughout the weekend.

During his closing words to the weekend I looked around and saw a room filled with lifted faces, full light, as they rested their gaze upon him, drinking in his last words.

What a weekend!

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