Photography: Luca Sage


Mysore style astanga self-practice

Mon-Fri 6.15-9.30am
Sat 7.30am start

Mysore class is ideal for practitioners who have a good foundation in the practice with some knowledge of the sequence. 

It allows you to maintain your practice at your own level and pace (with your own breath). 

The benefit of the Mysore style is that you get to practise in a room without a lot of verbal instruction, so it helps you to draw your focus inward like a moving meditation.


Beginners course

Wednesdays 7pm - 6 week course.

Astanga yoga practice aligns dynamic movement with breath, creating a flow from one asana (posture) to another, and focuses on the journey between each posture as much as the posture itself.
This beginner course breaks down the postures in detail and offer students an understanding in the foundations of the practice. whilst challenging and dynamic, regular practice of astanga yoga can offer many benefits including increased flexibility, greater strength, a calmer mind, relief from pain and full body detoxification.
This is best for complete beginners to yoga or those new to astanga yoga.

Led Classes

Monday 6pm & Thursday evenings 7.30pm
Friday evenings 6pm

Half led primary

Mondays, 6pm

Drop-in classes will still be challenging for all practitioners but if you’ve never done an astanga class before this is a good place to start.

Full led primary class

Thursday evenings 7.30pm. Friday mornings (6.30am) and evenings (6pm). Last Saturday of the month.

Full led primary classes are led in sanskrit with an emphasis on the counted breath.  The mediative rhythm dictated through the count helps you to develop the stamina needed for the practice. Ideal for practitioners who have some experience of Astanga.