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Info for Beginners

Astanga yoga is for anyone and you do not need to be flexible to start. Yes, it is a physically demanding practice. But practise regularly and you will grow in flexibility and strength.

Can’t make in to the studio ?



Should I have some yoga experience?

If you haven’t practiced yoga at all before we recommend that you join one of our beginners classes (Monday or Wednesday). Our classes are friendly and welcoming – a perfect introduction to Astanga Yoga.

If you are keen to attend the Mysore early morning classes, you ideally need to have an understanding of the breath, bandha’s and be proficient at the Sun Salutations practiced at the beginning of the astanga series.


What should I bring?

When attending classes, wear something light and comfortable as you will get warm, and bring a small towel because you will work up a sweat.

We recommend bringing your own yoga mat, but we do have a few available to borrow.

If you become a regular practitioner it is advisable to buy a yoga towel to put on top of your mat.


How flexible do I need to be?

This is a myth. You don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga.

Do I need to know the mantras?

Astanga practice always begins with an opening chant.  To understand why, you can read more here

You don’t need to know the mantras.  Often the chant will be taught as a call and response but if you would like to learn the mantras click here.

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Mysore style astanga self-practice

Mon-Fri 6.15-9am (last entry 7.30am)
Sat 7.30am start (led class last Saturday of each month)

Led Classes

Monday 6pm, Wednesday 6pm & Thursday evenings 7.30pm
Friday evenings 6pm