Open to all levels, we teach Astanga Yoga at Vantage point, Brighton in a friendly and welcoming environment.

In Astanga Yoga, students move continuously through a dynamic series of postures (‘asanas’), each pose synchronised with a calm, controlled breath.

Maintained correctly, Astanga yoga is a truly healing practice. It will help you to feel calmer in your mind, it can help you be free of pain and will help detoxify your body as well as develop core strength. As many men practise Astanga yoga as women. Astanga (pronounced ashtanga) was established by Sri K.Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India and now headed by his grandson by Sharath Jois



I feel really happy to have found Astanga in Brighton at the BNHC; it has really made me love yoga!

Kathryn’s a great teacher: She’s ‘no nonsense’ and very supportive, with a good sense of humour. She’s clear about what needs to be done, and helps you to adjust your posture when needed. I would recommend the class to anyone who wants to get fit gradually, overcome both physical and psychological boundaries and feel good from exercise.

I found my yoga as I found my teacher. I trust her more then I trust myself when I am on the mat.  My colleague asked me what style of yoga is the best and I always say “find yourself a teacher, and yoga will find you”


Why Choose Astanga Yoga :

Astanga is an energetic form of yoga. If you want to attend a class that makes you sweat with a sense of spiritual connection then astanga is the practice for you.

Astanga Yoga Brighton offers an extensive programme to meet everyone’s needs from a complete beginner to an advanced practitioner.

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