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Thank you to you, our students


As 2015 draws to a close, at Yoga Base Brighton we are grateful for many things – here are just a few:

• The dedication of you, our students, from whom we learn every day (whether you attend led classes or self-practice classes – you are amazing).

• The lifetime challenge of this Astanga practice, which keeps us humble in striving to get on our mat and learn about ourselves…mentally, spiritually, physically.

• The dedication of the Jois family and all teachers to keep Pattabhi Jois’ memory – and this practice – alive for people around the world.

• That our bodies turn up to participate, no matter what aches/pains/illnesses we endure.

• That we have clothes on our backs, food on the table and people who love us (including this Brighton yoga community).

• Sometimes, the little things each day that we can do to take care of ourselves. That blissful lie-down after your practice, the coffee that warms you up and enables you to head outside into the cold, or taking time to stop, sit down and chat with a friend.

• The knowledge that, wherever we travel in the UK or the world, that somewhere there is an Astanga yoga shala ready to open its doors and welcome us and all of you (including the people who clean and look after the studio that we practise in)

Whatever challenges you are facing right now, remember there’s a Brighton yoga community here to listen and support you.

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