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Satya: Truth

“Some doors only open from the inside. There is no software for becoming self-aware.” Max Strom

Satya: A Sanskrit word meaning adhering to truth, reality and honesty. It refers to being truthful in one’s thought, speech and action. Satya is one of the five yamas.

Now this is a very interesting subject.  Also very subjective. What is truth?

Surely what we believe in to be honest and true is just simply the result of our own conditioning, resulting in our own perception of truth. It is so easy to delude ourselves, isn’t it?  Adapting the truth to fit with our own selfish behaviour and beliefs.  Don’t we all live within a certain amount of delusion as to who we are and how we identify within the world? However, without those parameters, how confusing our existence would be.

We each need to find our own individual authenticity to truth, so we may own it, be it and be able to live with it.

Life usually has a (painful) way of stripping us back to give us a chance to know our own truth.  Without that, it can be difficult to find any sense of grounding . When we are on the mat it is so easy to allow your dhristi (viewpoint) to waunder and be distracted by others around you.  To begin to start to mentally compare and judge yourself against others.

Sometimes the (uncomfortable) truth speaks very quietly.

The asana practice helps us to find a place of comfort within the uncomfortable. Ignoring our truth on the mat and allowing our (shouty) ego to dominate will always lead us down the route towards injury.

“As I dig for wild orchids in the autumn fields,
It is the deeply bedded root that I desire, not the flower.” Izumi Shikibu

I see truth as being on different levels (or layers) of understanding. Being honest and truthful with yourself and your feelings is often a painful process.  More likely than not, honesty will at times, cause pain, discomfort and very likely result in uncomfortable, angry exchanges with those close to you.

Yet to ignore those feelings that repeatedly rise up in you, will no doubt, in the long run bring  dis-ease with in the body and disharmony within your mind.  Ignored for too long, if those feelings are in direct conflict with your true nature, will ultimately result in some kind of emotional breakdown.

There are many people who will take the easy route and ignore the truth of the matter.  In fact I think this is probably the preferred behaviour of our current society. Not wanting to be unkind or make life difficult for themselves or others, people will often skirt around the issue at hand.  Bending the truth and manipulating others for an easier way of life.

Then there are many of us that get stuck in negative beliefs about the reality of ourselves as adults.  Often resulting from times of vulnerability during developmental years.  Forming a stronger belief in others, out side of ourselves, that can result in compulsive and destructive patterns of behaviour.

The brain is a very complex part of the body.  So much so, that humanity (in all its profound wisdom) can fly to outer space but we are still unable to fathom the full function and understanding with in its entirety of how the mind works.

The words that we use are very important. Whether that is thoughts we form about our self or others.  This is the place where the initial changes must first take place:

“Truth stated in a harsh or abrasive manner is an unskillful execution of this principle that can be avoided with a little compassion, empathy and wisdom. Truth without love is heartless, cold and sometimes even mean-spirited. Truth bottled up inside will eat you away from the inside out, make you sick, harm your body. Be brave enough to first know yourself deeply, truthfully, without hesitation. Then speak your truth with a kind heart and without any attachment to the outcome.” Kino Macgregor

Physics decrees that to every action there is a reaction.  The energy we give out is what we attract back. We all know that old adage from the bible ‘What you reap is what you sow’.

Eventually those thoughts ripple outwards, changing the chemistry within and bringing about positive and healthy changes within our physical being and into our lives (although patience and persistence is needed for sure!)

Don’t deny your truth. It will make you strong.
Challenge your beliefs about yourself.
Be open to listening to others.
Allow yourself to evolve. ..unfold the layers that lead you to the centre of your truth.

With truth follows trust.
With trust follows happiness.

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