My Mysore Trip

Each time I go to Mysore I have a different experience. The first time I went was in 1987.  I remember practicing in my room […]


BY ANNA JONES   We are an anxious nation, an anxious world.   The Mental Health Foundation[1] reports that mental health problems including anxiety are […]

Led second virgin

By Kathryn Duckenfield   As soon as it was over I phoned my teacher and shouted “I made it through, I did it”! One definition […]

A touch of Miami in Brighton

  A Touch of Miami in Brighton By Sarah Miles   If you get a chance to go to a workshop with Tim Feldmann, don’t […]

Authentic Yoga?

Goat yoga is a thing. Look it up. Modern Farmer magazine describes it as yoga…with goats! Is goat yoga ‘authentic yoga’? It’s unlikely, but London […]

Beyond Politics

  The world news is full of dark stories and fears for a dystopian future. How can we respond when we feel real fear about […]

Mysore Thoughts By Sarah Miles

When you are in Mysore you have plenty of time for your thoughts. Completely emerged in a yogic rhythm of life, the responsibilities you have […]

Hamish Hendry Workshop Review

I woke up this morning filled with the enthusiasm and anticipation that comes with having the opportunity to attend a yoga workshop, and I couldn’t […]

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