Weekend Workshops with Tim Feldmann

Friday 26 - Sunday 28 August 2022

*Sold out!*



Brighton Natural Health Centre
27 Regent Street
Brighton BN1 1UL


Full weekend price £199/195 for BNHC students holding a current Mysore Pass


Individual Workshop £45

Philosophy £30

Friday 26 August:

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre


Friday: 6-7.30pm

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is the full name of the physical and spiritual path for many of us. But what does it mean, how do you practice it, what is the result, is it effective for physical health and mental/emotional well being and beyond, what’s its downfalls and is it right for me?In this talk Tim will address these and other questions and attempt a coherent overview of Ashtanga Yoga and its powerful potential for self transformation.We will finish the evening off with Q&A so please bring your questions big and small.

Everyone welcome.


Saturday 27 August:

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre

Mysore style Class

Time: 8-11am (two time slots 8am or 9.15am) – 8am fully booked

Named after the city where Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois developed their yoga method, this is is the classic way Ashtanga Yoga is taught.

A melting pot of yoga practitioners of all levels from beginner to advanced, this class sets out to offer personalised guidance to every practitioner at exactly where you need it most. Build relationship with yourself, your practice and your teacher in this inspiring energy. Come experience and honour the Ashtanga Yoga’s five thousand year old lineage of teachers, sages and gurus, R. Sharath Jois and every Ashtanga practitioner today.


(approx 2 hour break)

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre

Sthira Sukham & Backbending (Fully booked)

Time: 1-3.30pm

Develop your ‘sthirasukha’, your firmness and comfort, for aptitude and health in your yoga.
The practice starts with directing your mind towards the essential.
We will look at what it takes to bend backwards with no fear.

The key to deep backbends are available to you through the integration of sound anatomical principles, healthy alignment and technique and accurate knowledge of your inner body.
The movement mechanics of bending your spine are the key to an enhanced flow of energy and in this class you will begin to explore you natural potential for deep backbends with simplicity, safety, support and enthusiasm.
The workshop aims at developing tools to a personal and balanced practice

All levels welcome.


Sunday 28 August

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre

Primary Series Guided Class + 30 min Q&A (Fully booked)

Time: 9.30 – 11.30 am

“Just as music without proper pitch and rhythm will not give happiness, yogasana without the observance of vinyasa will not give health.” – Srivatsa Ramaswama

Join Tim for a fun 2 hours and learn how this challenging sequence can heal and help you in your body and your life.
Pattabhi Jois artfully crafted the Primary Series to cleanse our body, purify our nervous system and burn away the delusions of the conditioned mind.

The original Vinyasa method (also called ‘placing in a special way’), this thread of unbroken movements, mindful breathing and a defined gazing points, opens us up to experience the meditative mind while building a healthy, flexible and strong body. Discover how many lessons of hope, empowerment and surrender is at our fingertips.

All levels welcome.


(approx 2 hour break)

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre

Shoulders, Arm Balances, Inversions & Headstands (Fully booked)

Time: 1-3.00 pm

In this workshop you will learn practical tools to turn upside down with stability, tranquility and grace.
You will gain a thorough understanding of the anatomical patterns at play in your body while inverted.

Detailing the shoulder mechanics helps you integrate your arms, spine, ribcage and hip to create a solid platform for accessible and pleasurable inversions whether on your head, hands or elbows.
We will play with simple to advanced asanas.

All levels welcome.


Please bring your own mat & warm clothing