The Allure of Silence

By Clara Murphy I remember the very first moment, eight months ago when I first crept into the Mysore room and was confronted by the […]


Satya: Truth “Some doors only open from the inside. There is no software for becoming self-aware.” Max Strom Satya: A Sanskrit word meaning adhering to truth, […]


  I thought it would be a nice idea to start to do a small blog on the ‘Eight Limbs of Yoga’, as Ahimsa has […]

Second Yoga Anonymous (May 2015)

About seven years ago, I remember Sarah telling me after an evening class (at Brighton Natural Health Centre) that I ‘needed to come to morning […]

Yoga Anonymous (May 2015)

How did my adventure start with yoga? Was I lonely? Was I lost? Or maybe, as always, I wanted try something different? I was never a […]


On the Mysore Yoga CPH website they advise you that, in addition to bringing true wellbeing and a sense of community, Astanga yoga helps to […]

Follow the energy

  Follow the energy A weekend of workshops with Petri Räisänen and Wambui Njuguna   Petri Räisänen and his wife Wambui Njuguna are internationally recognised […]

Catching the big fish

Film directors Martin Scorsese and David Lynch say that meditation makes them more creative. Lynch calls it ‘catching the big fish,’ in terms of the […]

Dealing with Injuries

Injuries…something we all share! You cannot go through life without experiencing pain and when you have a regular physical practice (whatever that might be) as […]

“Love is in the air!”

February has arrived and you may have noticed the shops filling their windows and shelves with hundreds of different ways to tell ‘that special someone’ […]

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